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  • Note: An inclination of the load and slipping of the lifting slings must be avoided when lifting! Please ask for grummets with eye forming unit through special sewing technique! Please observe the following when using grummets:
    • Only to be used in pairs
    • Observe sufficiently dimensioned master link bolts (not smaller than four times the rope diameter)
    • Ensure that the strands do not cross
    • Joining point marked by color never to be positioned at the load contact points, the crane hook or the lifting point, but rather always on the free length
  • When lifting slings with extreme high carrying capacities are needed roundslings made with Dyneema are the best choice. Through this high performance fibres an own weight reduction of 60% is achieved. The lower elongation of Dyneema in comparison to Polyester-fibres leads to an improved dimensional accuracy. This becomes relevant when lifting asymmetrical loads.
  • This product is our company independent research and development of ultra high strength polyethylene fiber composite ring sling, the products have high bearing capacity, light weight, low elongation, convenient operation, corrosion
  • • Superior strength-to-weight ratio. • Excellent bending fatigue . • Similar elongation properties. • Will not sink, UHMPE slings float! • 1/7 the weight of wire rope slings. • Do not corrode or require lubrication. • Easy to inspect
    Bulked Nylon Eye Sleeves are provided at no additional charge in all sling eyes. SX Eye Sleeves are provided for an additional charge and combine the light weight and non-absorbing UHMPE properties into a braided sleeve. Eye Sleeves are available for an additional charge and are more cut resistant thanSX Eye Sleeves.
    Body covers are provided for an additional charge and may prevent abrasion damage and the penetration of dirt and debris into the rope fibers. Velcro® closure enables easy installation and removal, streamlining sling inspection. Body Covers are captivated at each sling end by Retainer Straps which prevent the cover from shifting.
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