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Over the last ten years advancement in fiber chemistry and technology have generated a whole new breed of ‘high strength’ fibers. Certainly, higher strength fiber ropes are beginning to be introduced to the application formerly dominated by conventional steel wire ropes (e.g. elevator ropes, crane hoisting ropes).

For more than 10 years Sinostar has been a major provider of fiber ropes for use in many different industries all around the world. Our premium quality fiber ropes have always been developed and enhanced according to new production procedures, rope technologies in addition to rope materials.

The benefits of fiber ropes are obvious: low weight, non-conductivity, simple and clean handling, non corrosive, to name a few. Some rope might even require smaller drums and sheaves compared to their own’steel’ cousins. The downside of UV degradation was overcome by compact overbraids or special coatings. But some persuasive arguments still persists and that is: ruggedness, abrasion-, cut-, and temperature resistance. These points dictate that fiber ropes will be utilised in’controlled’ environments where these mechanisms are well known or can be reduced.

Fiber Ropes for various uses
– Farming / mucking, Windmills, Industry, Offshore, Furniture industry, Lifting, Flag lines, Leisure, etc.

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